Marine Insurance

Meaning & Principles of Marine Insurance.

Marine insurance is concerned with overseas trade. International trade involves transportation of goods from one country to another country by ships. There are many dangers during the transshipment. The persons who are importing the goods will like to ensure the safe arrival of their goods. The shipping company wants the safety of the ship. So marine insurance insures the coverage of all types of risks which occur during the transit. Marine insurance may be called a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in a manner and to the extent thereby agreed upon against marine losses.

Marine insurance has two branches:

  1. Ocean Marine Insurance.
  2. Economical air freight

Ocean marine insurance covers the perils of the sea whereas inland marine insurance is related to the inland risks on the land.

Marine insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance. It has developed with the expansion of trade. The sending of goods by the sea involves many perils; so it was necessary to get the goods insured. In modern times marine insurance business is well organized and is carried on scientific lines.